Tesla unveils limited edition surfboard

  • Ben Norman
  • July 30, 2018
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Featured image via Tesla

Hang loose!

Tesla quietly rolled out a new product for beach lovers and wave carvers this weekend – a limited edition surfboard.

The tech company offered just 200 surfboards for $1,500 each, but unfortunately for surfers who didn’t hear about the news, they sold out almost instantly. The board is able to fit into the Model S, X, and 3 vehicles and matches the sleek red and black designs of the vehicles.

Although it doesn’t have any spectacular features other than a clean design, on which Tesla collaborated with Lost Surfboards, the board is still reselling on eBay for as much as $5,000. It seems as if everything Elon Musk touches turns to gold.

A similar fate happened with his “Not a Flamethrower” flamethrower, which sold out within a few days. As the Model 3 development continues to succeed, Musk will likely roll out more of these unorthodox products to keep consumers on their toes. Having these products is a great way of adding extra cash, expanding company name, and even having a little fun.

Tesla’s stock is down 2.8 percent on Monday, likely due to the fizzled excitement around the Model 3. Maybe the surfboard and similar products can help Musk bring back trust and thrill around Tesla’s name.

Be on the lookout for other surprising releases from the tech/auto giant – they sell out quickly!


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