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The Top 20 Highest Paid CEO Worldwide

Tim Cook, highest paid CEO - image from facebook
Tim Cook, highest paid CEO - image from facebook Tim Cook, highest paid CEO - image from facebook

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Becoming a CEO calls upon a strong business foundation with an extra-thinking mind to lead a company. As a CEO, you must be committed and put in more effort to make sure the company is generating profits. Taking that title will demand more from you. But the pay is always worthy. The salary varies depending on the revenue of the company. Appearing as the highest-paid CEO is another task too.

Here we take a tour among the top CEOs earning good salaries out of their hard work:

Elon Musk, 50

Net Worth: $271 billion

Company: Tesla Inc.

The 51-year-old Elon Musk owns several companies across the world. He has various sources of income, among them is Tesla’s salary where chairs the board as CEO. He earns around $56,380 million per month from the car manufacturing company. As time goes by, he seems to reduce the amount of salary he earns. Furthermore, he was among the first early investors in Tesla when the startup was struggling with capital. Currently, Musk is the highest-paid CEO in the world. He has shown no intention of resigning from Tesla Inc.

Musk is also a chief engineer and CEO of SpaceX, a company that specializes in making spacecraft and rockets. The tech guy also invented OpenAI and Neurallink, the artificial intelligence companies.

Last year, his net worth increased when he bought more shares from Amazon. At one point, he became the richest man, according to Forbes in real-time. But a few months later, Jeff Bezos overtook him. 

Chad Richison

Company: Paycom

Networth: $3.9 billion

The Alumni of Central Oklahoma University have managed to drive passive income from Paycom. He is an entrepreneur born in the United States. He used to work as a salesperson in Oklahoma native with a payroll company. Richison then decided to migrate to Colorado to work for another payroll startup.

After some discussion with the founders, they decided to make Paycom a public payroll on the New York Stock Exchange. Since 2014, the company has taken huge steps. Each year the revenue doubles. Chad owns almost 14% of the Paycom shares. 

Before the pandemic, Chad started a non-profit organization called Green Shoe Foundation. Its main purpose is to create awareness about mental health issues and offer free therapy and counseling sessions. 

Richison’s monthly income makes him appear among the highest-paid CEO.

Amir Dan Rubin

Company: One Medical

NetWorthy: $199.05 billion

Amir Dan was born in the United States. He is playing more than one role in his company. At times, he chairs the board and becomes the president and CEO. In 2016, he joined UnitedHealth Group as the vice president of the Executive office. After one and a half years, he took a break from the public health company.

He has managed to buy almost 188,457 shares from 1LifeHEalthcare. The company stock is estimated to be $15,1888,752. Earlier this year, he decided to sell almost $0.1 million shares.

He is now the CEO of 1Life Healthcare as well as the president. His net monthly income totals $13,920,200. All this income makes him shine among the top highest-paid CEOs across the world.

John Legere

Company: T-Mobile US

Networth: $350 million

John Legere appears in almost every list capturing data about the top CEO. The millionaire was born in Massachusetts. He is an Alumni of MIT Sloan School of Management. He acquired a Ph.D. in business management. Furthermore, he worked with Dell, Global crossing, and AT&T before making his way to T-Mobile. 

He was one of the board members who worked in various departments. But he decided to explore another environment for a new challenge. John is among the board of directors of CTIA. During his reign, he appeared on Forbes as the richest man in the world. Most people remember him as the senior CEO of T-Mobile in the United States. Despite his resignation, he still gets a monthly salary from the company.

Tim Cook

Company: Apple

Net Worth: $1.4 billion

Donald Cook has held his position among the highest-paid CEO. His work revolved around designing a new product that will attract customers. He was among Apple’s board directors when Steve Job was still alive. The late CEO praised him for the hard work and commitment he had for the company.

Since the death of Steve’s job in 2011, Tim Cook has managed to run the company safely. Apple is still among the top big tech companies controlling the stock market. His team loves him for his positive attitude of listening to their grievances. The CEO is very humble and open to new ideas from his colleagues. 

After every three months, the company will come up with new iPhone designs or a MacBook. This shows how creative the CEO is. The tycoon is still strong enough to lead the company over the coming many years. 

Thomas Rutledge

Company: Charter Communications

Net Worth: $90.2 million

Thomas Rutledge went to the California University of Pennsylvania, where he studied business. After graduation, he joined the COO of Cablevision as a board member. He left the company to join Time Warner Cable as the new president.

In 2012, he became the president of Charter Communications. Four years later, he dropped the title to take over as CEO. According to Forbes, the real-time net worth is $90.2 million. He was earning around $38.8 million during the pandemic. His net salary has been increasing according to the bloomberg report. 

The CEO continues to flourish the company by opening new branches across the world. He made it to the top highest-paid CEO after the pandemic.

Joseph Ianniello

Company: CBS Entertainment Chairman

Net Worth: 

Joseph was born in Brooklyn, United States. He studied for his degree at Columbia University before proceeding to Pace University. In 2018, he worked as an interim and the president of CBS Corporation. He chaired VIacomCB’s CBS Entertainment Group. Joseph worked with the company for four months before resigning. At ViacomBCS, he used to get a net salary of $125 million. 

Over time, his salary has increased at CBS Entertainment. He earns around $2.8 million with the reward of $121 million from the stock exchange. In the coming years, the statistics indicate that he might be the top highest-paid CEO in the world.

Larry Culp

Company: General Electric

Net Worth: $266 million

Larry Culp was born in the United States in March 1963. He grew up with the urge of joining the business industry at a younger age. He was very passionate about entrepreneurship. After graduation from Harvard University, he joined Paul Corporation Danaher as a board director. In 2001, he became the CEO of Danahar Corporation. Culp resigned in 2014 to join General Electric.

In 2018, he was promoted from board member to Chief Executive Officer of General Electric. It’s one of the oldest successful companies, established 126 years ago. Data from the company indicates that Larry is the first outsider to ever chair General Electric. 

Through consistency and hard work, he has made it among the top highest paid CEO in the world. 

Chris Nassetta

Company: Hilton WorldWide

Networthy: $43.3 million

Among the top 10 highest paid CEO, Chris Nassetta appears in the list as number 9. He is an alumnus of the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce where he graduated with first-class honors in Finance.

In 1991, the millionaire founded Bailey Corporation. Years later, he joined Host Hotels Inc. as a top director. Through the hospitality company, he learned a lot of skills from experienced peers. 

He joined Hilton Worldwide as the CEO. Chris possesses almost 409 units in the company. According to Forbes, his net worth has dropped to $43.3 million due to the pandemic. He is one of the best philanthropists in the world. Nassetta has managed to help more than 20 organizations across his nation.

For the past 18 years, the statistics indicate that Chris has sold over $18,229,359 shares from HLT. His monthly income from Hilton WorldWide is approximately $3 million.

Mike Sievert

Company: T-Mobile US

Networth: Undisclosed

The Glenoaks High School alumni joined the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to study for a degree in economics. He worked at Clearwire and IBM and later joined E-Trade. In 2002, he was employed by Microsoft as a product manager. After resigning, he focused on his project and founded Switchbox Labs. In 2009, the startup was absorbed by Lenovo. John Legere hired Mike as the new director at T-Mobile. 

For almost 10 years, Mike Sievert has been a board member. In May 2020., he took over as the CEO of the company. They had just made a big step in absorbing the Sprint startup. This meant an increase in roles and salaries.

The millionaire has bought over 40,000 units of the company in stock. This is equivalent to $134,247,711. In the past 8 years, he has managed to sell some shares totaling $15,637,756. He earns over $1.5 million

Sundar Pichai

Net Worth: $1.3 billion
Company: Alphabet
Pichai is the most beloved Alphabet CEO who has brought a change in the tech company. The Good CEO is an Indian-American entrepreneur as well as a programmer. When he became the CEO in 109, he was paid $3.3 million. AS always, big companies invest in the stock exchange. He earned $240 million from the stock exchange as an investment. Although the pandemic led to a cut-off in salary, Pichai still appears on our list as the top 21 highest paid CEO.

Trevor Bezdek

Company: Goodrx Holdings Inc
Net Worth: $2 billion
He is an American entrepreneur as well as a businessman. He founded Goodrx in 2017 before launching it a year later. The company became public in 2020 during the pandemic. The iPod has managed to collect a revenue of more than $20 billion. He is the CEO and the president of the company. HE owns almost 50% of Goodrx Holdings.

Doug Hirsch

Net worth: $2 billion
Company: Goodrx Holdings
Like his counterpart Trevor Bezdek, Doug is one of the founders of Goodrx. He serves as the co-CEO of the holding company. He was born in Los Angelos where he studied business at university. Furthermore, he is very passionate about technology. Just after graduation, he joined Yahoo when he was still young. Two years later, he made his move to Facebook as the President of the Product department.
He worked on side projects and founded Daily Strength, which he later sold to HSW International. Together with some friends and Trevor, they came up with Goodrx where he still serves.

Eric Wu

Net worth:3.8 billion
Company: Opendoor
Eric studied Economics at the University of Arizona. Just immediately after graduating, he founded The data analytics company was then absorbed by Trulia in 2011. That’s when the idea for OpenDoor came up. The company’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.
Before the pandemic, the real estate company made a great purchase using almost 98% of the income. Many people prefer buying their properties from the company because it offers them at a fair price. The CEO earns $300,000 as salary.

Alexander C Karp “Alex”

Company: Palantir Technologies
Net worth: $1.9 billion
Caedmon Karp was born in October 1967, in the US. He grew up with much interest in the software development field. Alexander went to Haverford College for a bachelor’s in Arts, then Stamford, and finally, Geoth University where he acquired his Ph.D. papers.
In 2003, he founded Palantir Technologies where he served as the CEO. Its main service is the production of data analytics tools used for artificial intelligence research. He owns 2.1% of the total shares.

Griffin Myers

Net worth: $306 million
Company: Oak Street
He studied medicine at Davidson College before proceeding for a master’s in Chicago school of business. He is an instructor as well as a board member at the University of Northwestern.
Griffins is an active board member of Oak Street Health Inc where he earns around $458,189 salary per year. In addition, he gets $30 million from various awards and compensation of $266 million from Oak. He is the third-highest paid in Oak Healthcare.
Most of his income comes from buying and selling shares from the Oak Street Health unit.

Sumit Singh

Company: Chewy

Net Worth: $141 million

He was among the top 5 CEO with the highest paid salary during the covid-19 period. Singh is the director and CEO of Chewy company. The company operated as a private organization but in 2019, it became public. The transformation earned them much recognition hence doubling the amount of revenue.
He traded with the company’s revenue in the Stock exchange and earned $1 billion from the sales. Sumit has also invested in Dell Inc. and the Amazon e-commerce platform.

Gregory B Maffei

Netw worth: $128 million
Company: Liberty
Gregory serves as the president and CEO of Liberty Media. The 61-year-old man was born in America, with an interest in the business. Since his graduation, he has worked with Expedia and Stars before moving to Oracle as the chief financial officer. He joined Microsoft before resigning two years later.
In 2005, he took his body to Liberty, where he has served for almost 16 years now. His total compensation rises yearly. According to Forbes, Maffei earns $47 million as a salary.

Reed Hastings

Net worthy: $43.23
Company: Netflix
Reed was born in 1960, in Massachusetts in the US. He is an American businessman as well as an entrepreneur. He is one of the co-founders of streaming media, Netflix. The video-rental company made the highest profit margin during the pandemic due to lockdown.
Reed’s 1% shares in Netflix and the salary have made him appear among the highest-paid CEOs in the world.

Ted Sarandos

Company: Netflix
Net Worth: $250 million
The American entrepreneur and businessman was among the co-founders of Netflix. Like Reed, Ted is the co-CEO and content officer at Netflix. He attended Glendale Community college before securing a chance at Arizona State University.  Ted worked at East Texas Distributors as director of sales before joining Netflix.  He is among the top-paid CEOs on Netflix.


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