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9- and 14-year-old siblings Made $160,000 from Crypto Mining in 7 months

Ishaan and Aanya - image from facebookIshaan and Aanya - image from facebook
Ishaan and Aanya - image from facebook Ishaan and Aanya - image from facebook
Ishaan and Aanya - image from facebookIshaan and Aanya - image from facebook
Ishaan and Aanya - image from facebook Ishaan and Aanya - image from facebook

The two siblings started trading in April, after the end of the first quarter. Currently, they have managed to accumulate $160,000 from cryptocurrency. What is their secret?

According to Ishaan Shakur, the elder brother, they earned $3 on their first day. Over time, they were able to learn from various mistakes. They have been improving their trading techniques. In October, the two blood-connected siblings made the highest profit of $64,000. They have renamed the crypto business Filter Technologies.

While speaking to CNBC make It, Ishaan had a lot to share. “We have configured our computers to constantly scan for the most profitable coin and switch to that coin automatically,.” This means they have some computer knowledge.

They insisted that Ethereum is their main crypto, followed by bitcoin and finally Ravecoin. In general comparison, bitcoin tops the cryptocurrency market because it’s used for various activities. Ethereum is the second most popular, but its fluctuation is not as steep as bitcoin. Ravecoin doesn’t top in the first 10, but they can earn a lot if one knows how to trade.

Ishaan and Aanya live in Frisco, Texas. They can process a total of 15-16 billion Ethereum algorithms per second to know the right time to trade. Their computer has high processing memory.

“Our main goal is not money”

The young boy continued, “Even though we are now making a lot of money, we are just as proud now as we were when we only made $3 per day. Our main prize is not the money,” Ishaan admitted that they had learned a lot of technologies within the past seven months.

The two siblings have high hopes for crypto trading. They want to invest their money in other businesses too. Ishaan is also saving for his college education.

With the help of Google search and YouTube videos, Ishaan and Aanya learned through consistency. However, the learning journey has not been that easy. Before you grasp the knowledge of mining, it takes time.

One must learn how to solve complex puzzles to validate cryptocurrency transactions. It’s very expensive because you need a high-powered computer with strong energy. There have been complaints from environmentalists about crypto mining. The energy used pollutes the environment.

Their father, Minish Raj, managed to fund their activities during the first months. Their computers have approximately 200 processors. Minish did not disclose the amount of money he gave them for pre-seed investments. There has been a problem of chip shortage, which means their father spent a lot on the way.

Ethereum-image from pixabay by elifxlite

Collection of computers for crypto mining

Their room consists of 24 bitcoin mining machines, 30 Nvidia series processors, 50 Nvidia RTX 3070Ti, and 100 Nvidia RTX 3090s. Ishaan continued, “We have additional cards on order, so we will have over 200 processors later this month,”

Most of their computers are connected to run in parallel. This is because all the processes are similar jobs. The boy confirmed that his home computer is capable of processing many graphics per second compared to the NASA system. As many youths within their age play computer games, the young boy is busy building and connecting computers.

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They started crypto mining while living in a garage, but currently, they have moved to Dallas.
Electricity alone costs over $5,000 per month. They also pay $4,000 for a technician who improves their system.

It’s school time, and the two have limited time on their computers. That is the reason they decided to shift to the data center. Aanya continued, “We use the garage only to build computers, and then we send them to the data center. We also hired technicians to monitor computers because we have to go to school.”

Support from everyone

From parents, friends to teachers, almost everyone is happy about the children’s mining business. Ishaan is always happy when he finds some of his peers reading their activities on the internet. Initially, they thought the money could only be used for education, but their minds are expanding daily.

Ishaan says that it’s just the beginning. They have plans to launch their bitcoin, known as Flifercoin. They have employed developers who are working on it.
Schoolwork limits their activities on their business. But they have decided to study first, as they trade part-time. There are more than a hundred crypto opportunities, and Ishaan believes he can be one of the drivers in the space.

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