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Young Under 35 Entrepreneurs Changing the World

Babur Jahid- young entrepreneur- Image from facebook
Babur Jahid- young entrepreneur- Image from facebook Babur Jahid- young entrepreneur- Image from facebook
Babur Jahid- young entrepreneur- Image from facebook
Babur Jahid- young entrepreneur- Image from facebook Babur Jahid- young entrepreneur- Image from facebook

Global Entrepreneurship Week will take place from November 14th to 20th. Over 160 nations will attend the business conference.

We have young entrepreneurship companies who have made it to establish profitable companies. Some have gone ahead to seek solutions for the environment and social activities. Here we discuss among the Young World Ambassadors who have a post-impact on the world.

Babur Jahid, 21, Afghanistan

He is behind a social enterprise named You See Clear, which provides affordable glasses. Babur flew from Afghanistan to Canada, where he has established his new investments. He is still a student schooling at the University of Carleton. Furthermore, he once won the Resolution Project Social venture in the Carleton club. He will launch the project next year in Afghanistan. Babur is among the young entrepreneurs on the list.

Bonnie Chiu, 23, Hong Kong

Chiu is a Hong Kong-born female who founded Lensational in 2013. This is a non-profit organization that empowers women through free photographic training and cameras. The team has grown over seven years; it has a total of 50 volunteers. Across 12 developing countries, Lensational has reached out to 400 women who are now very skilled in photography. In 2015, she received a Social Innovation award. When 18, in 2016, she secured an Asian Women Achievement Awards.

Sabine Sipunova, 24

She is the founder and COO of Sorry As A Service. This is a software company that sends sorry messages to customers through their emails. As a business, you hire the Software, and it’s able to handle as many customers as possible at the same time. Forbes named Sabina among the top founders to watch this decade. In addition, she appeared among young entrepreneurs of this next decade in various magazines.

Rainier Mallol, 25

AIME is a company providing Software as a Service. The Software can predict deadly diseases using Artificial intelligence knowledge; Rainier is the CEO and co-founder of the startup. The Software uses knowledge of public health and epidemiology to draw patterns and come up with correct predictions. Rainier once appeared among the top 40 Forbes people changing the world.


Kevin Smiley, 27

Smiley owns SuraiTea Inc. It is a tea packaging platform that hires refugees from Syria. Evin aims to create more jobs for the refugees as he sells premium tea. The amount of profit the company gets, he distributes to refugee camps to support their living standard. The company has won several social Impact awards for several years. Kevin was born in Canada. He appeared among the most successful young entrepreneurs in the US.

Victoria Alonsoperez, 33, Uruguay

Chipsafer is a startup that started as a result of a social enterprise owned by Victoria. Chipsafer can track and anomalies in cattle and other domestic animals.

Victoria received popular awards as the Best Young Inventor in 2013. In 20154, she also grabbed an award for Chipsafer startup as Most Innovative startup of the Caribbean and Latin America. Overall, she has appeared among the trending women in the entrepreneurship world.

Fred Blackford, 30

Almost everyone in the UK is familiar with the Polaroid Swing app. It’s an imaging app that serves the same purpose as Instagram.  The app combines both video and photo to come up with a creative animation experience. Biz Stones, the Twitter co-founder, has been at the forefront, supporting Fred’s app. However, she remains to be among young entrepreneurs with big ambitions.

Blackford’s app has gained popularity even on other continents. In addition, the company is generating over a million of income through advertisement.

Enass Abo-Hamed, 30

Abo-Hamed is a hardworking and motivated woman with an entrepreneurship mindset. She is behind the name H2GO Power, a cleaning tech company. Tech startups provide safe ways to produce hydrogen and generate power without interfering with the environment. She was a finalist in 2015 as a company of the year. Currently, Enass works as a researcher at Ca, bright University. In 2016, the company won the Best Energy Startup in the world.

Vibin Joseph, 31

Joseph is the executive director and co-founder of BiOZEEN. This is a bioengineering company that is responsible for immunizing children around the world. It manufactures a variety of vaccines. WHO statistics show that almost 6.6 million young children die daily. BiOZEEN works towards making sure every child is vaccinated. Vibin was born in a small village in India.

Jeremy Lamri, 32

Lamri founded Monkey Tie early last decade. It has almost 150 innovative HR startups around the world. The Software can focus on job requirements and link the candidate’s personality to what the employer needs. Over 100,000 young citizens have been able to secure jobs through Monkey Tie. In 2015, the company secured 2nd position as the startup of the year. In most talks, Jeemy will say age is just a number. He believes he is still among the young entrepreneurs to bring change to society.

Diana Paredes, 33

Diana is a female entrepreneur from Peru. He founded a software platform that aids the financial institution and delivers reports. Suade, her fintech, has appeared twice among the top 50 companies. She left the banking industry and decided to build her own fintech company. Suede has received support from the Bank of England.


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