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Top Ideas On Small Business

Small business
Small business- Image from Pixabay by Free-photos Small business- Image from Pixabay by Free-photos
Small business
Small business- Image from Pixabay by Free-photos Small business- Image from Pixabay by Free-photos

To be your boss and becoming a financial-free person requires a lot of hard work. So first, start a small business that will help you win the market and get more customers. After identifying a gap in the market, then consistency in what you do is the key.

A small business will mean taking risks because you never know if you will lose or profit. But as a business person, be always ready for either positive or negative results. Here are among the top small businesses that you can venture into and succeed in.

Website Flipping

Many entrepreneurs and business people want their business online. Here is an opportunity to buy a static website and market it. You can even create your website, put it online, and use SEO content; you increase traffic. If the traffic is more than the original site, you decide to sell the website. One platform that you can venture into is Shopify. You can make an eCommerce platform and sell it even at a high price and make a profit. Website flipping is common nowadays, and thousands of developers are making good cash out of it.


Virtual Assistant

Working from home has been a daily trend for both top and small companies. If you have leadership skills, clear communication, and excellent skills, this is the service to offer. Virtual assistants help carry out the day-to-day activities of an organization. For example, a virtual assistant handles tasks like answering emails and scheduling meetings. Such jobs can be found on PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Freelancers, and more sites. This business can earn you good cash if you land long-term clients.


If you can speak at least three or more foreign languages, here is the best opportunity. You can decide to venture your business in translation and offer that service to millions of individuals who need it. Monetize your multilanguage skills on various platforms like Upwork. Have a good portfolio that detects the language you know. These jobs always take a short period, depending on your speed. You can spend 3 hours per day working as a translator and get paid awesomely. Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram are also good sites to market your skills.

Intermediary Printer

Many businesses want their logos and designs on various items like t-shirts, phones, and plates. It’s not a must to have printing skills. The main job here is to be an intermediary between the person printing and suppliers. You collaborate between the two people, negotiate the price, then take your commission. You can install an app like Printify on a Shopify store and start advertising your business. Use social media to promote your business to reach a large audience.


Software Education

Still, in software engineering, many people want to learn how to develop software for large organizations. We have thousands who want to learn software engineering without attending college. If you have the required skills in various programming languages, then this is the place to venture. Just create a simple website where clients can enroll after they have paid a small amount of money. Make sure the skills you offer are up-to-date so that you get a better audience.

Not just complicated software building, you can even teach excel and word, the simple packages. When many people sign up for your program, you can even partner with companies like Amazon. This will get you a commission when a person purchases a book or computer gadget. This is flexible because the owner can rent lectures for physical classes or do it virtually.


If you have a passion for taking good photos, we have many opportunities outside there. First, you can register a sole proprietor in your name on stock photography. We have platforms like FreeStock and Shutterstock, where freelancers sell their pictures. When you navigate to this site, some photos are being sold for up to $100. Second, the photographer needs to take good images and upload them. When people buy and download your images, the companies pay you a percentage of the money. Finally, if you get more downloads, the best option is to take your business to the next level. Create a good website and start driving traffic to it. Offer some images for free and sell those quality ones.

Search Engine Optimization

Are you familiar with SEO and how Google ranks websites? Some activities include using keywords in writing content and applying backlinks. Many businesses with a website want to get more traffic, which is only applicable if they are ranked top by Google. If you have the required skills, then you might decide to sell them to various people. Site owners across the world are in look for SEO engineers to improve their sites. Even locally, you might get such people. Using social media, Facebook, to advertise your skills and have a good CV. This is one of the best small business ideas to make up to $1000 per month.

Email Marketing

Writing good codes where people can’t escape but clicking on them is the perfect idea for 2021. Have the skills to design an adorable email card that attracts the user until they follow the link to see what the site is offering. Many companies are getting significant traffic using email marketing. Just have Upwork, PeoplePerHour, or Freelancer account and put out your portfolio for those companies to get what you offer. Many email marketing tools are free hence make good use of them.

WordPress Engineers

Managers with WordPress websites will require an engineer who designs and maintains the site. There are moments when the website might go down or fail due to minor problems. Also, improving the design, changing pictures, and adding content requires so much knowledge. This is one of the best small businesses that you can venture into and sell your time. These website owners sometimes don’t have time to look after their site, but they need it running; that’s the only job you do and get paid for. Building a permanent relationship will mean you have the perfect long-term job opportunity.

Online Tutor

If you were good in academics in high school up to university or college level, you might decide to teach others. Becoming a tutor means teaching young ones with the vast knowledge you acquired. Sites like and Skool are the best ones to sell your small business. You get paid per hour according to the subject you are good at. The tutor doesn’t have to be a teacher, but they sell that one as long as you know a specific field. Interacting with students on Zoom or Google meetup can make a long-term relationship even outside those sites.


If you have the urge to do small business online by buying and selling them despite having no money, dropshipping is the option. With dropshipping, you don’t handle physical products by yourself. Instead, it’s held on e-commerce platforms. Set up a Shopify or any store and collaborate with suppliers to ship the order to the relevant customers on your platform. Consider using apps like Orbelo to find the best-selling products in the online market. Using a website like a Handshake will help you get high-quality products and build a solid relationship with clients. Just identify the core product you want to sell, and make consistency and perseverance your key.


App Developer

Technology is still the core foundation for everything in the world currently. If you hold much knowledge in the field, having the required skills to develop mobile applications, here is the opportunity. According to recent statistics, many businesses are moving towards mobile apps. Statistics show that mobiles have 60% of total traffic in businesses. But that does not mean if you have no skills, you won’t venture into this business. You can hire a freelancer to perform this job for you. Then, sell it to your clients. This means you act as an intermediary. The charges go high depending on the complexity of the app.

Social Media Consultant

Instagram is one of the best sites to sell youth products. Clients need engaging content and more traffic to their sites. If you are an influencer with much knowledge about Instagram, you may decide to start your consultant business to sell your skills. The business owner decides the price s/he charges depending on the service being offered. Digital marketing is becoming popular and social media is the best channel to sell out those products. To go deeper, master the skills needed to make Facebook or Instagram ads to get the audience engaged. Consider getting clients from Freelancer, Upwork, and many more websites.

Content Writing

Valuable and quality content writing requires excellent SEO skills. Having comprehensive knowledge in writing readable content, we have many opportunities. Businesses that have a website will need content to describe what they offer.  You might decide to set up your blog, and when clients read and get attracted to what you offer, they might hire you for long-term contracts. We have hundreds of content writing groups on sites like Facebook, where clients find workers. You will gain experience even from your fellow peers about the business. The better the content, the higher the chances for a long-term contract.

What You Should Know

There are many opportunities for small businesses. First, decide where you want to venture into as per your skills. If you don’t have the required skills, opt to get an online course for a short period and become a master. Knowledge is never enough. The act of learning every day will provide you with many opportunities.


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