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Trump Releases New List of Economic Advisors

  • Justin Frey
  • August 13, 2016
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Criticized for the lack of diversity on his staff, Donald Trump has released a new list of economic advisors. The previous list, which came out six days earlier, was composed primarily of white men. The new list however, is almost exclusively female.

Anthony Scaramucci (founder of SkyBridge Capital) is the only man on the current list, while Judy Shelton is the only economist. Shelton is co-director of the Atlas Sound Money Project, an organization affiliated with the Koch brothers. Several other advisors have a background in business or finance, including Liz Uihlein (president of Uline inc) and Carla Sands (chair of Vintage Capital Group).

Other notable names include Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey, a long-time critic of Hillary Clinton’s healthcare proposals and the Affordable Care Act. Other advisors with ties to right-wing causes include Brooke Rollins (CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation) and Kathleen Hartnett White, a critic of President Obama’s climate change positions.

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