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Valentine’s Day Will Cost $18 Billion in the U.S. This Year

Millions celebrate Valentine’s Day every year with jewelry, chocolate, flowers and other specials gifts given to that special someone. In fact, last year men spent two times more than woman did in celebration of Valentine’s Day. It has to be one of the most anticipated holidays throughout the year.

Valentine’s Day is recorded as the third largest holiday in the United States. It’s estimated that nearly $18 million total will be spent on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

For those who like to buy bouquets for their special someone, 34 percent of Americans, an estimated $2 billion will be spent on flowers which will raise flower sales by 20 percent. Over $1.7 billion will be racked up by those who plan on buying candy, and $4.3 billion will be spent on jewelry this year.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it’s safe to say the holiday has an extremely big impact on the American economy. In fact, its calculated that the average Valentine’s Day gift giver will shell out $136.57 on the holiday. Those that plan on going out this year will spend an estimated $73.68 per couple. That number totals to $3 billion that will be spent by the 36 percent of couples who say they plan to spend their night out on the town.

Even though the holiday is wildly anticipated, gladly celebrated, and nearly 9 million marriage proposals will be made, not everyone takes part in it. In fact, 46 percent of adults say they don’t plan on celebrating the holiday at all, and 50 percent of those who are single say they are proud to be so.

Valentine’s Day even has a large impact on social media. The amount of dating sites that will receive new service is an estimated 399. plans on seeing a 20 percent increase in new users, which will aid to calculated 5 percent of marriages that begin on dating sites. Those on Facebook, around 1.9 million, will change their relationship status this Valentine’s day as well.

With technology on the rise and more people making use of social media, it’s hard to believe that the greeting card industry would benefit as well as it does. Despite expectations, $1.4 billion will be spent on those buying gift cards for Valentine’s Day. Another $1 billion will be made from those who buy Valentine’s Day greeting cards. Hallmark has nearly 1,500 different options for consumers searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day card for their special someone.

However, what’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate covered strawberries? Linda Jackson owns The Chocolate Lady in Mesilla, New Mexico and knows that Valentine’s day means dozens and dozens of chocolate dipped strawberries. Jackson says that she and her team hand-dip and decorate over 20 pounds of strawberries for the 94 percent of Americans who receive candy and chocolate in some form or another this Valentine’s Day.

February 14th is coming up fast, so if you plan to get something for your special someone it’s best not to wait at the last minute. Nearly 53 percent of woman said they’d break up with their partner if they didn’t receive anything on Valentine’s Day.

If you don’t have a Valentine this year, that’s okay too. Twenty percent of American get gifts for their pets on Valentine’s Day. And if you find yourself without a pet just remember that 24 percent of Americans will buy something for themselves this year. So how will you be celebrating?

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