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15-Year Old Girl Protests Her School’s Dress Code with a Letter

Lindsey Stocker, who is merely 15 years old, has spurred a widespread discussion on feminism by protesting her school’s dress code. Social media users have been buzzing about the incident since it took place at Beaconsfield High School in Quebec, Canada last week.

11th grader, Lindsey Stocker, was asked to change her clothes after 2 vice principals determined that her shorts were violating the school’s dress code. Apparently, the code stipulates that shorts and skirts should be longer than a students fingertips with her arms by her sides. Stocker’s jean shorts did not fulfill this requirement.

Nonetheless, Stocker refused to change her outfit and decided to protest the rules instead. She posted 20 flyers around the school which read: “DON’T HUMILIATE HER BECAUSE SHE IS WEARING SHORTS. IT’S HOT OUTSIDE. INSTEAD OF SHAMING GIRLS FOR THEIR BODIES, TEACH BOYS THAT GIRLS ARE NOT SEXUAL OBJECTS.” The posters were quickly taken down, but pictures of the message have gone viral and rallied up supporters as they’ve been circulating on twitter and tumblr.

The school’s director for the Lester B. Pearson School Board, Steven Colpitts, has released a statement saying, “It needs to be clear that this is always an opportunity for the school to make it a learning situation for the students… To sensitize them about hypersexualization, which is often a topic that is discussed and the students are well aware of.”

Meanwhile, Stocker explained the incident, stating, “They continued to tell me would be suspended if I didn’t start following the rules. When I told them I didn’t understand why I had to change they told me that it doesn’t matter – I don’t have to understand the rules, I just have to comply by them.’”

School dress codes seem like reasonable applications. However, Stocker managed to pinpoint the reason behind them, a truly unfair rationale for imposing these rules. A problem’s repercussions cannot be eased without getting to the core issue.










Photo: Twitter

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