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  • 3 Adventure YouTubers Die While Swimming Near a Waterfall

3 Adventure YouTubers Die While Swimming Near a Waterfall

  • Peter Boyer
  • July 10, 2018
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The YouTube channel High on Life lost 3 of their creators in a waterfall accident in British Columbia. Megan Scraper, Ryker Gamble, and Alexey Lyakh all lost their lives while filming near a 100-foot waterfall at Shannon Falls, near Squamish BC. Scraper fell in first and Gamble and Lyakh jumped in to save her. Scraper was 29 years old and Lyakh and Gamble were both 30 years old.

The channel High on Life has been posting traveling videos since 2011 and is run by a group of Canadian adrenalin junkies. In many of the videos, they perform dangerous stunts in very exotic places including cliff-jumping.

The High on Life crew gave the following words in their most recent video titled, “To our Friends and Family”:

“There are truly no that can be said to ease the pain and the devastation that we are all going through right now. They were three of YouTubers who are the warmest kindest most driven and outgoing people that you could ever meet and the world has lost a great deal of light with their passing. They lived every single day to its fullest and they stood for positivity, courage, and living the best life that you can.”

Many High on Life followers have been sharing memories of the crew and have expressed grief. One follower commented “I got online this morning and saw Ryker’s picture on the first screen. Totally broke my heart. I couldn’t even click on the news article. I just want to hug each one of yall. Sending yall so much love and good energy”.

Back in 2016, the channel faced controversy when these YouTubers journeyed into a restricted area in Yellowstone National Park while traveling through America. Authorities charge Gamble and Lyakh with a number of infractions and they both spent a week in jail. They also had to pay thousands of dollars in fines an were banned from accessing U.S. public lands for 5 years.

A GoFundMe page was set up to help Gamble’s girlfriend, Alissa Hansen, with a goal of $10,000. The campaign raised $12,300.

In an Instagram post, Hansen said the following:

“Grief seems to bring everything to a halt. What was once possible seems irrelevant. The schedule is cleared, the mundane ignored. One moment a wave of catastrophic emotions, the next a cavern of emptiness. Death is not a request to stop living, it is a request for loving. It calls us to see fully what is in front of us. To see what needs healing. To see those for whom our hearts would break if we did not speak the words that need speaking. It asks us to tend to one another. To value this moment here and now. To face our own ephemerality. Death violently shakes us awake, time and time again.”

Featured Image via GoFundMe

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