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New York lawmakers pass social media youth protection law.

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On Friday, New York took a huge step to protect youth internet use. It became the latest state to outlaw “addictive” algorithmic social media content for under-18s without parental consent.

This demonstrates that the state is serious about child safety.
The New York Assembly passed a similar law Friday to restrict websites from gathering and selling teen data after both proposals passed the state Senate.
Governor Kathy Hochul called these moves a “historic step forward in our efforts to address the youth mental health crisis and create a safer digital environment for young people.” With this rule, our youth will have a brighter, healthier future without the negative impacts of social media overuse.
Meta Platforms’ revenue may suffer from the new rules. Meta Platforms is the company that owns Facebook and Instagram.


Harvard University found that the six largest social networks made $11 billion selling to youngsters in 2022.
According to studies, kids who use social media too much are more likely to develop depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and other mental health issues.

“We do not agree with every aspect of these bills, but we welcome New York becoming the first state to recognize app stores’ responsibility,” stated.
Under the “SAFE Act” in New York, parents must allow their children under 18 permission to view “addictive” social media messages. Getting information from non-followed accounts should keep users on a site longer.

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Teens can study, make friends, and join online organizations without parental consent. Search and censoring methods without addiction are welcome.
The New York attorney general said the bill would affect sites that use user-generated content and data-driven advice.
The summary suggested targeting Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.
The “New York Child Data Protection Act” would prohibit websites from collecting, using, sharing, or selling personal data about children under 18 without their “informed consent” or parental permission. This law is a major step toward protecting kids’ data online.
“Informed consent” is required from parents of children under 13 under the “New York Child Data Protection Act.” This means parents must know and agree to all data use regulations on these sites for their children.
Individual violations can result in $5,000 civil penalties.
Utah was the first state to limit kids’ social media use in March 2023. Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Texas, and Florida followed.


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