Bustle owner acquires Gawker.com

  • Ben Norman
  • July 13, 2018
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Gawker gossip

Bryan Goldberg, the owner of Elite Daily, Bustle, and more, won the auction for Gawker.com on Thursday, with the final purchase price valued at $1.35 million.

Gawker faced bankruptcy after venture capitalist Peter Thiel launched a lawsuit against Gawker with wrestler Hulk Hogan. The site posted a video of Hogan in a sexual setting, which it was clearly not allowed to do – it created a two-year bankruptcy stay for the gossip blog.

If a court approves the purchase, then Gawker is in good hands with Goldberg. According to him, Bustle reaches more than 800 million women every month. However, interestingly enough, Gawker actually mocked Goldberg in multiple articles on their website. Hence, maybe Goldberg wants to control the website for his own personal purposes.

Goldberg outbid many other competitors, including marketing firm Didit. The company planned on rebranding the website so that it focused more on positive news and less on the malicious celebrity content like Hogan experienced.

Although Goldberg did not comment on his plans for the newly-acquired company, he surely has something in mind to drop that kind of cash on it. If he can have the same kind of success with Gawker that he is having with Bustle and Elite Daily, then he can make a complete 180°for the company.


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