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BuzzFeed Launches News App

The BuzzFeed news app makes finding news easy. The BuzzFeed news app makes finding news easy.
The BuzzFeed news app makes finding news easy. The BuzzFeed news app makes finding news easy.

For a site that was made famous by their online quizzes that determined things like “Which Celebrity Said What?” or “Which Book Character Are You?”, BuzzFeed appears to be doing very well for itself. While these quizzes are fun to take during your lunch break, the outlet has slowly integrated more serious news articles into it.

According to Tech Crunch, “News Apps Editor Stacy-Marie Ishmael joined BuzzFeed last fall, and she told me that she was lured over from the Financial Times (where she was vice president of communities) partly by BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti’s commitment to a ‘distributed strategy.’”

BuzzFeed is integrating itself into the mobile world, with its new app called BuzzFeed News. The app was launched June 18 and has a 3.3 star rating in the Apple store.

BuzzFeed began recruiting users for their Beta Tester in December 2014. The tester launched in the spring and encouraged users to report any and all flaws they might have found when using the app.

According to Nieman Lab, Ishmael said,

“We could have spent six more months polishing the app, but, frankly, I’ve had journalists working on this thing and coming up with push notifications and sending them for long enough that I think we have a pretty good handle on what we’re doing.”

BuzzFeed has a news tab on its website, but this app will make getting your news on the go that much easier. This app is entering the mobile news competition, joining the likes of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

While BuzzFeed news has less notoriety than the more prominent news outlets, but this app doesn’t charge. When you open the app it has the top three stories which include one eye catching line about what the topic of the article is.

The app is set up like a Facebook feed, where users can scroll through to see the most recently published articles in science, technology and medicine. Each article has a “share” button where you can post it to your Facebook or Twitter, open it in your browser, or send it in a message.

Each post either has bullet points on what is known about the subject or quotes from whoever was involved with the incident.

Ishamel told Business Insider,

“We work extremely closely with the breaking news desk, and the major section editors, all day long.”

If you don’t want to keep checking the app all of the time to see if there have been updates on a story you’ve been following, BuzzFeed has a solution for that.

Under “My Alerts” users can allow for push notifications, and select interests from the top trending topic that day, and other categories like sports, entertainment or U.S. Politics.

Along with the app came a newsletter which catered specifically to the desires of individual readers.

According to Nieman Lab,

“BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith told us last July – before anyone was even hired for the app – that the newsletter would be a place to test out ideas and develop a tone for the app and that’s been the case.”

There are newsletters for movies, animals, parents, beauty and more. When signing up for email, each of the topics are accompanied with how many times a week it will be sent out. Alongside the app, you will have all your interests accessible through one outlet.

Android users need not fret, the app will be available for them in the fall. To get involved with all the exciting updates that BuzzFeed is making, go to or visit their new app in the Apple store.

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