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Facebook will discontinue drone project

Facebook steps back from drone project

Facebook announced on Tuesday that it will no longer pursue the Aquila program, the internet-drone project it launched in 2014.

The object of the drones was to send Internet down from the sky to anywhere in the globe. Facebook built and tested a droned successfully in 2015, but the operation had mixed results. Although the technology broke data transfer rate records, the drone failed to land successfully and malfunctioned.

Although the lackluster tests did not deter Facebook from continuing development, they recently decided to take a step back due to aeronautic companies’ emphasis on drones. The social media giant announced in a blog post that it would let aerospace companies continue the advancement of the technology.

However, Facebook will still have an arm in the advancement of drones. Facebook is partnering with Airbus to better develop these drones and the effect they can have on global Internet access.

Additionally, Facebook isn’t the only tech company trying to solve the global Internet drought. Moreover, Alphabet developed Project Loon, which supplies minimum Internet areas with balloons that give that area wireless access.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX also hopes to accomplish a similar feat by sending thousands of small satellites into the air to provide global Internet access.

Through the development of these technologies, firms are proving to the world that they recognize that billions of people lack Internet access. While it may seem like a common commodity in the US, it is not the reality for many people around the globe. With more Internet access, not only will these companies thrive, but so will the global population.


Featured image via Flickr/DFSB DE

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