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Google Faces More Fines By EU For Android Practices

  • Peter Boyer
  • July 11, 2018
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Sign at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA

The EU is once again out to get Google regarding their antitrust laws put in place. This time around it is about how Google manages Android. The open-source operating system has certain features the EU does not particularly agree with including the pre-installment of Google apps by device manufacturers HTC and Samsung.

Google previously described their operating system:

“Android has unleashed a new generation of innovation and interplatform competition. By any measure, it is the most open, flexible, and differentiated of the mobile computing platforms.”

The EU seems to have problems with what the firm views as a new competitive market.

About a year ago, this firm was penalized $2.7 billion by the EU for malpractice regarding antitrust abuses. This fine was the largest sum that the EU regulators have ever given out and was a massive hit for it. Margrethe Vestager, Danish politician and European Commissioner for Competition, said back in 2017 that “Google has abused its dominance as a search engine by giving illegal advantages to another its product, its shopping comparison service”. So, this is not the first time that this firm has faced EU regarding monopoly laws.

Vestager previously stated the following:

EU antitrust rules apply to all companies that operate in Europe’s Economic Area, no matter where they’re based. The purpose is to ensure competition and innovation for the benefit of European consumers. Google has come up with many innovative products, and many innovative services, that have made a difference in our lives – and that’s a good thing.”

Vestager refused to comment this time around.

The EU is also investigating whether Google’s practices obey the General Data Protection Regulation that was implemented in late May. The law focuses on data protection and aims to give control to Internet users and to create a safer online community within Europe. The investigation will continue for the next few months.

When it comes down to it, the EU is worried about Google’s market dominance. They are fighting for a fair space.

The ruling has been pushed back to next Tuesday due to Trump’s visit.

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