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Plane Crash in Scottsdale on Monday

  • A single-engine aircraft crashed into TPC Scottsdale golf course on Monday.
  • All 6 people on board were killed in the accident.

Another accident has happened this week, snatching away innocent lives. Officials have addressed the accident as a plane crash, nonetheless, the reason behind the crash, if any, has not been announced as of yet. It seems like, modern technology has once again, failed us.

Just this Monday, a tragic accident took away six precious lives in Arizona. All six of them were on board a single-engine plane that had departed at 8:45 in the evening from the Scottsdale Airport within the same day. The model of the plane was listed as a Piper PA-24 by the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.). Piper PA-24 is an aircraft that can supposedly transport up to six people. Regrettably, the plane crashed just shortly after its departure and came to its downfall at the TPC Scottsdale golf course in Arizona. This golf course is famous for hosting the Phoenix Open tournament every year. To be exact, it is roughly fifteen miles northeast of downtown Phoenix.

Someone posted actual footage of the accident from afar on Twitter.

The plane crash site is located a couple hundred feet away from the Scottsdale Airport’s northern end. Subsequent to the accident, there was a small fire, ignited by the crash, neighboring one of the holes in the golf course.

According to a representative of the Scottsdale Police Department, all the passengers on board apparently passed away in the course of the accident, with no exceptions. They further added that the exact site of the crash is located “next to a green patch on the Champions Course, one of two courses at TPC Scottsdale”, as conveyed by the New York Times.

As a consequence of the crash, the personnel of National Transportation Safety Board (N.T.S.B.) has taken action in setting up blockades to deny further access into the affected area the morning after. Meanwhile, the N.T.S.B. and the F.A.A are both looking into the accident in an effort to get to the bottom of it.

The only good news that can be derived from this tragedy is that no one on the golf course or within that area have suffered from any physical injuries. We can only await further news update about the underlying causes of the accident. As for now, let’s reflect on the extent of damages technology has caused so far. For one thing, the crash can be traced back to the aircraft, which is a man-made machinery.

All the present-day dilemmas with the environment is ultimately a consequence of the creation of modern technology. In a nutshell, it seems like technology has become the face of mortality – in the long run and in the short run. NASA is now experimenting with ways to achieve successful human reproduction in outer space in hopes of starting a human civilization there. This is because our planet, Mother Earth is gradually dying. Symptoms of her death can be observed through the climate change, or rather, global warming, which is all due to pollutions, which is of course, a result of the use of machines.

However, why aren’t we attempting to nurse her back to health, instead of abandoning out homes? On top of that, why are we putting so much faith into modern technology when the news constantly informs us of accidents like plane crashes and such?

Of course, it is difficult to judge the situation at the moment without full disclosure of the accident. While the machines have certainly made our lives easier, it has also led to unfortunate events like this. However, since the cause of it has not been found, we cannot determine whether the aircraft had experienced technical problems or if it was a human error.

Nonetheless, this plane crash seemingly represents the relationship between mankind and the use of technology. Since machines are non-living, they cannot be held responsible for the problems that it has caused. In addition, those who were responsible in the construction, management and navigation are the ones who could have ensured the safety of its use. Similarly, modern technology has no doubt, been a blessing in our lives, it is up to the people who are utilizing them to maintain a basic standard in order to prevent unfortunate events.

It is also undeniable that, more often than not, accidents as its name suggests, are unexpected and most likely unavoidable – without it being anybody’s fault.

As such, let’s take a brief second to commemorate the six lives lost in the accident and send our condolences to their family and friends.

May they rest in peace.

Featured image via flickr/ Bob Adams

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