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Rihanna’s New Fragrance Ad- Gone “Rogue” – Too Risque for the U.K.?

Rihanna has been known to surround herself in her fair share of controversy. Instagram has recently acted out against the star when she continued to post risque photos of herself even after being warned against it. Well apparently the hip-hop star just can’t seem to keep her body to herself. An advertising campaign for her new “Rogue” perfume was temporarily shut down in the U.K. as it had been deemed too provocative.

The advertisement depicts the star leaning against a wall with her feet propped up against a blown up version of her new perfume. It appears the only clothing she is wearing is her underwear and a pair of high heels. The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority has deemed the poster “provocative and sexually suggestive.” The ruling was handed down after a single case was brought before the ASA that specified one ad displayed on an elevator door at a U.K. mall. Since then they have decided that the ad should only be displayed with vision restrictions to assure that children will not be able to see it.

The ASA did not ban the ad campaign outright, but has instructed the campaign to work more closely with their media relations. They must assure the ASA that the ad will not appear anywhere near schools or other locales that children frequently visit. Parlux Limited, who paired with Rihanna to advertise the new fragrance, has argued that they believe the poster depicts the star “in a position of power” and that the poster mimics the standard for fragrance advertising.

This particular ad does not cross a line that hadn’t been crossed by other fragrance companies. Though Rihanna appears naked for the most part, nothing is graphically shown and she is not subjected in a negative manner. It is reassuring that some still believe in the modesty of the human body and the innocence of children, but this is not the ad to make an example out of. Compared to some of the images displayed on TV and film, this ad is tame.

Rihanna’s New Fragrance Ad Too Risque for the U.K.?

Rogue by Rihanna


Photo: Rogue by Rihanna

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