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Successful Journey of Vibin Josep, founder, and CEO of BiOZEEN

Vibin Josep-image from pixabay by StartupSTockPhotos
Vibin Josep-image from pixabay by StartupSTockPhotos Vibin Josep-image from pixabay by StartupSTockPhotos

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Vibin Josep is a 32-year-old Indian founder and CEO of BiOZEEN, a company that makes sure 1/3 children are immunized worldwide. They manufacture almost 30% of the total vaccines given to children under five years.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, a total of 6.6 million children die daily from different diseases. So Vibin Josep formed his startup to try and solve this problem. The company aims to be able to distribute vaccines to every child by 2030.

I joined Imperial College in London to study medicine and engineering courses. I wasn’t sure which path to follow, but I knew that was the best university to achieve my dreams. Finally, I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. During my part-time, I also learned business analysis due to my passion for business.

My motivation came from one of my lecturers, who spoke with emotions about the mortality rate of young children. He encouraged us to look for a way to eradicate that. So, I researched and concluded that effective immunization could be a solution, although not 100%. That’s why I set up BiOZEEN, a biomedical company.

In BiOZEEN, we have managed to automate some bioprocesses to produce measles vaccines. This is one of the diseases that affect millions of children yearly.

My company is different from the rest. We employ various new technologies like artificial intelligence to create predictive models. I have created an open-source program where different developers can work and share ideas about the BiOZEEN. We are building new software and hardware to have standard gadgets that deliver affordable and pure vaccines.

According to the reports, almost 33% of youths have been vaccinated by my company. That is a motivation for me. When I look at my rough journey, I hit my chest twice to congratulate my success.

I was not happy with how private vaccine companies were mean to share their technologies. They want to remain a monopoly in the market, therefore, offering their drugs at higher prices. So it has been difficult to break into the industry without knowing what to do. But I am very thankful to my wise team.

Vibin Josep-image from pixabay by StartupSTockPhotos

We are currently aiming to use the open-source platform to develop life-saving software to reduce the number of deaths. For example, we could have an application that notifies one if an accident has occurred at a specific place. I like the way young people come up with innovative ideas. Computers follow instructions from human brains that non-tech people don’t understand. When we build software, we will allow other organizations to use them for biomedical purposes.

When business is done the right way, everyone in the industry wins. In the beginning, I struggled with financial difficulties, just like any other startup. But I am happy because people have realized my importance to society. We have secured several capital ventures including Anthony Jenkins, Doug Richard, and Beth Comstock.

BiOZEEN is using almost every field to create the best solutions. There are different departments for various tasks. The Economic empowerment department deals with transforming some opportunities into an income-generating business. The science and technology department chairs the hardware and software of the company. They also work on research concerning different drugs. Finally, the health department tests our drugs before releasing them on the market.


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