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Successful Woman, Sabina Pole, co-founder of Sorry as A Service

Sabina Pole-image from pixabay by TheDigitalArtist
Sabina Pole-image from pixabay by TheDigitalArtist Sabina Pole-image from pixabay by TheDigitalArtist

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Sabina Pole is a hardworking entrepreneur as well as a business lady. She is one of the co-founders of Sorry As a Service, which offers apologies to dissatisfied customers. They act as an intermediary between the client and the related company.

The company started in 2014 and has achieved a lot. Among their top achievements was when they featured in Wired UK and Forbes. It’s part of the Techstars family project. In addition, almost 100,000 people have received apologies from Sorry As A service. In 2019, the company was absorbed by NoCry.

Apart from Sorry As A Service, Sabina Pole founded another tech company known as ROAR. This is an online urgency that assists different brands in communicating within a network to maintain a good relationship. Furthermore, it helps organizations and companies to reach out to new clients. She ran the company for a single year until 2014 when she sold it.

I was lucky to join the Paris School of Business to study marketing, business management, and related support services. Since childhood, I have been good at creating friendships. My passion was to bring people together and make sure they forgive each other. In addition, I learned some tech skills during my part-time hours.

Finally, I graduated in 2012. Having the urge to get more knowledge, I joined the Stockholm School of Economics for a degree in Economics. I managed to be the chairperson of several clubs, including the student association.

Immediately after graduation, I secured a job at ZGI Capital for six months. CGI provides finance for startups during the pre-seed season. Then, I joined Prudent as a financial analyst for one year in 2013. The company offers advisory services to other financial companies. To expand my experience, MAMMU gave me a chance to showcase my skills. This company deals with the fashions of younger mothers. I was the managing director who turned ideas into business to earn the company revenue. In 2014, I quit.

At that moment, I realized being employed was not part of my life. So I set up a ROAR startup with my friends. We wanted to help young brands grow despite having low capital. The startup operated for almost 15 months, and another CEO reached out to purchase it. In the same year, we had thought about the issues of bad blood between unsatisfied customers and their companies. We yearned to create a platform that could act as an intermediary between the two. That’s how Sorry As a Service began.

Funny enough, my interest in attending hackathons made us build the platform for 48 hours. I like working under pressure. We won the Garage48 hackathon with the project. That was a great breakthrough because we got our first client in the congregation. We partnered with many investment companies in the UK to support our business.

Sabina Pole, sorry as a service -image from facebook.jpg

Currently, I know less about Sorry As A Service because I am no longer working with them. But they are focusing more on sales. They are growing their UK market. According to the company’s report, they have grown by 20% from 2016, which shows much energy. We believe a simple written message could greatly impact the customer.

My typical day starts at 5:00 am, where I wake up and jump directly to exercise. Then I meditate for a while before having a heavy breakfast. At 8:00 am, I am ready to work on my next project. We have a team in which we are focusing on something new. I also respond to emails from those companies that need my advice. I feel glad when startup teams reach out for advice in most situations, which shows how important they value my skills.

One of my greatest achievements is making it to Forbes 30 Under 30. A few years back, I would have worked 12 hours to ensure my company expanded.

To a young Sabina Pole, be smart and follow your dreams. Everything is possible when you put in more effort, specifically in your passion. Making a strong connection with the new people in your field could be a life-changing moment. Learn to make solid friendships. But, then, don’t forget to be humble when you make it.


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