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Best Phone System Every Business Should Posses in 2021

Ooma- Courtesy of Facebook
Ooma - Courtesy of Facebook Ooma - Courtesy of Facebook
Ooma- Courtesy of Facebook
Ooma - Courtesy of Facebook Ooma - Courtesy of Facebook

Modern phone systems nowadays play a significant role other than calling and receiving calls. The owner can text, call, host a video conference, and perform various functions. Factors like price, reliability, and more features can help an organization make the right choice. Here we analyze among the top best phone system for any organization.


The best feature which makes the dial-pad the best phone system is the Voice intelligence technology. This brings new call insights. The use of artificial intelligence has grown wide. The gadgets use past collected data to study the calls. It gets to know how everyone answers the call. The AI running behind the scenes can provide much information to the User. The dial-pad available offers live coaching while making calls.

Using the collected data from customers and other sellers, the Dialpad AI can suggest how to respond. For example, it might provide several answers from which you chose the possible one. When the call ends, a recorded Transcript allows the User to read if they missed some words. You can also feed the transcript into Hubspot or Salesforce CRM systems.

While making a call, you don’t have to take notes. Instead, the transcript can summarize what was said and offer the most critical points. Dialpad can connect to the mobile phone, computer and used for messaging also. Availability of useful features like contact synchronization, auto attendants, and custom routing. Every User of Dialpad can access video conferencing. But it’s limited to 10 participants who can hold a video conferencing session for up to 45mins. But the organization can buy unlimited pro Uberconference at $15 per month for a single person.

The optimal plan for payment ranges from $15 to $25, depending on the service you need. If it’s your first time purchasing the Dialpad, you will enjoy a 14 day free trial.



If the business wants to put together CRM services and phone systems on a single platform, then opting for Nextiva is the best idea. It’s a cloud-based unified system used for communication. Nextiva offers software like Salesforce, but it has built-in CRM solutions that help both parties. Even if the business does not want to use the Nextiva phone system, they can decide to buy their CRM software.

CRM offers pipeline and contact management, workflow automation, and account history. Both small and large businesses will benefit by having Nextiva, the best phone system. It provides services like auto-attendants, mail voice, call recordings, and HD voice. There is audio conferencing, online fax service, and SMS messaging to many people. People in an organization can work between themselves using the phone system. Here is a defined real-time calendar with a task management platform.

Cybersecurity is a trend as many organizations prioritize digital tools. There has been an increase in attacks from blackhat hackers on various phone systems. But that’s a different case with Nextiva that provides 99% security to all the data. It protects any calls you make by encrypting them. The available services vary in price and the features they have. The higher the money, the more quality you will get.

The highest category with all features is Ultimate Native, which costs between $50-$76 per User. Large organizations that want to cut off that amount can buy an Enterprise version that pays $30- $45 per month. Others include Professional($21-$35) and Essential ranging from $18-$30 per user in one month.

Nextiva- best Phone system

Nextiva- Courtesy of Facebook


Just like Nextiva, Ooma is a cloud-based phone system. It offers all the essential tools required for successive communication in an organization. The system links with mobile phones or desktops using the specified apps. This means you can receive calls, send messages and set up configurations at the comfort of your place.

There is a free and paid version of video conferencing. The free version allows up to 25 people to attend a conference. Users can share the screen while in a meeting. The most appealing character is that you can attend any video conference through a web browser or recommended apps. Such functionalities make Ooma the best phone system to acquire. Ooma uses AI to respond to incoming calls that require receptionist knowledge. Other primary services offered include: Call transfer, Dial by name-calling, Music on hold, Extension to extension calling.

Whenever a business runs into a problem, navigate to their website, and you will find many tools. There is no need to employ an IT expert because their website has guidance on rectifying some minor failures whenever they occur.

The system allows linking with Analog phones, though you might need some extra equipment. First, a system-based unit has to be plugged in to offer and prioritize voice over online traffic. After that, the final step is to have a high-speed internet connection.

  • Ooma Office: $19.95- 1 Month
  • Pro Ooma: $24.95 Per UserUser – 1 Month


Do you have a small business, and you need the perfect choice for the best phone system? Vonage is a cloud-based unified communication system for a small team of employees. Vonage integrates with Microsoft Teams to allow the user access to Vonage’s useful features.

The integration prevents employees from shifting between Vonage and Microsoft Teams. You have to stay and stick to one service for all video conferences and SMS texts. The best feature is that it allows up to 10 CRM vendors to make it too flexible. All customers using different software can easily reach an organization with Vonage.

Vonage logo-best pone system

Vonage logo-Image from Facebook



Grasshopper allows employees to show a presentable image at all moments. This is an essential phone system that will enable managers to keep track of their duties remotely. In addition, the system allows connection with phone lines even in remote areas to make that tracking functionality possible.

Each employee has a specific extension but uses a similar business number. An incoming call connects first to the central business line. After greetings, it merges the client with the respective employee designed explicitly for that call. Finally, the employee’s phone receives the call and makes an appropriate response. Both analog, digital, and home phones can receive calls.

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Zoom has become known by almost everyone after the outbreak of corona, as people opt to hold their meetings online. It’s easy and very reliable to use. Many businesses and organizations like zoom because people are familiar with its functionalities.

Apart from the standard online Zoom meeting app, the phone system is available as a standalone with more features. It still offers similar functioning to Zoom video conferencing and calling. It provides voice transcription, HD call quality, calls monitor, calls recording, and call-parking. Consider choosing Zoom as your best phone system, and you won’t regret it.


It has almost all the essential features you may need in a phone system. It has ring groups, PBX calling standpoint, paging, custom greetings, among other characteristics. In addition, some voice options like visual voicemail, voice-to-email are offered. Furthermore, call screening, Find Me, and the GoToConnect system support call forwarding.

It is said to be the best video conferencing service for small businesses. You can schedule a meeting in advance so that your team might be familiar with your plan. There is screen sharing that will be held on the forum but can only support 25 webcams.

There is also audio conferencing where people can discuss their issues without seeing each other. You can send one message to reach all the members of your team. It allows desktop and phone connections through a specific application.

It can integrate with various programs like Microsoft Teams to make use of only one platform. Other system software includes Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook.

  • GoToConnect Basic: $20-$29 per User-1 month
  • GoToConnect Standrad: $20-$39 Per User- 1 Month
  • GoToConncet Premium: $30-$49 Per User-1Month.
GoToConnect- best phone System

GoToConnect- Image courtesy of Facebook


8 X 8

This is another best phone system for a small business organization. This cloud-hosted VoIP does not require expensive hardware. As long as you have an IP phone with a high bandwidth internet connection, you are set to go.

The unified communication system uses redundant data centers; hence not easy to lose its service. Service can go down maybe once a year, which makes 8X8 a reliable phone system. It has a three-way calling, call transferring, online voicemail, ring groups, automated attendants. Like a mobile application, you can switch to light or dark mode when straining with an eye problem.

Managers can host a video conference with a limit of 50 members. Just like zoom, there is chat space in the meeting with other minor functionality. When outside the office, employees can connect via phone or desktop. You can make and receive calls through the organization line. The phone system can integrate with various software like Office 365, Salesforce, and Google workspace.

  • 8 X 8 : $12 Per User- 1 Month.

Factors to Consider before purchasing A plan on the Best Phone System

The main components required for an optimal Phone system are calls, conferring calls, and video conferencing. Furthermore, the unified communication system should offer instant messaging, text messaging, and faxing. Having such tools confirmed on one platform is something to smile about. It saves time, space, and money.

Always choose a phone system that is reliable to use. Some fail after a short period hence require the organization to employ an IT expert. This might increase the business expenses. In addition, the number of people in your organization will determine the type of phone you want to buy. Omit, buy a phone system that can integrate with standard popular software. Look at reviews from users on different platforms like Amazon to determine the best phone system.


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