The Reason why Oil Paint is so Expensive

  • Mania Joseph
  • April 23, 2021
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oil paint brushes

Oil paint brushes-Image from Pixabay

Oil paint is still on-demand as artists yearn for new designs. However, the paint is so expensive, regardless of more paint industry coming into the market. Oil paint costs approximately between $280 and $1,100 per liter.

Oil Paint still in high demand

Artists have been using the paint for many years. Liked by most individuals simply because it can stay longer and the craft stays alive for almost 70 years. Raw materials used in manufacturing high-quality paint are rare to find. They are very minimal, thereby causing industries to spend a lot of money to acquire them. The manufacturing process is also hectic, a report by Business Insider.

How oil paint is made

Many oil paints are made from dry seeds like flex and pigment. The binding of the ingredients takes place for a short time after which it thickens. Tuyen says a particular amount of oil is required for every pigment. Grinding machine, crush the products and mills to the final stage.

The amount of energy and time taken for grinding will automatically affect the color. Producing dark colors requires an over-grinding of components. However, if you grind smoothly, then you can end up with a purple color. Similar colors get tested in the laboratories to measure the quality and lust.

Dominique Murzea, General Manager at Colarte Le Paints, talks about the paint’s machines. He says there are different machines used like the summit, emulsion paint dispenser, etc. Each machine has its own special function. After preparation, we have the testing part. Viscosity, friction, and color are the properties that are mainly tested. They help in defining the quality of the final product, the report by

oil paint brushes

Oil paint brushes-Image from Pixabay

Companies spend a lot

Winson & Newton company has produced oil paint for almost 200 years. They release over 5 million liters of paint oil annually. The company spends a lot in preparing some paints like copper blue. The paint requires heating of almost 1200 degrees Celsius. This means that the amount of electricity applied is too much.

Poppy-seed oil is also associated with the evolution of paint oil in the 7th century in Afghanistan. Tegen Harger Stuart says that quality matters for any artistic work done. The best quality paint will contain almost 75% pigment, with the remaining percentage occupied by other ingredients. Pigments took time before they came into use. Snails were used at a certain point to make the brown paint. Yellow paint, on the other hand, came from cow’s urine. Mommy brown originated from Egypt and was among the first top oil paints in Africa.

Discovery of Pigment

But with the discovery of pigment changed the whole evolution. We have multiple series in pigment ranging from one to six. However, it isn’t easy to obtain pigment. The most valuable painting is Ultra-mine, mined in Afghanistan as a gemstone. The gemstone was used to draw Virgin Mary captures during the 20th century and below.

Tugen Stuart goes ahead to compliment artists from the 15th century. The artists made sure they were using high-quality oil paint to complete their drawings. The advantage is that you can paint your model over and over again. Application of various colors and techniques to come up with a solution to his problems, a report by jacksonsart.

Before any job, artists have to guarantee their paint will remain there for almost 100 years. The paint should be of standard quality. The better the quality series, the higher the price. Therefore, a budget also determines the type of paint you want to make for a client. Also, the idea that pure paint is on-demand leads to a rise in prices.

Oil painting provides a realistic picture as compared to other art styles of painting. An artist who is good enough will utilize the paint to the extent that you cannot differentiate between the drawn and the real picture. These advantages of oil paint stand out to beat all other styles.



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