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Tips on How to Host a Great Video Conference

In the olden days (i.e. – before the internet was being used for literally everything), business conferences would take place either live – in any executive board room – or over the phone. Today, we can conduct our businesses and jobs with people from all over the world, so things like getting cut off due to a bad phone signal reception is no longer an issue.

But this has also opened up a whole new set of potential problems and rules of video conferencing decorum we must adhere to. So here are some tips on how to get the most out of your video conference.


Offer a Choice of Different Video Conferencing Software

While Skype has been the default go-to solution for video calls for just about forever, in recent years it has experienced a lot of issues and criticisms. That is why some people tend to simply not use it anymore, and instead use alternatives such as Zoom – which also handles multiple participants better than Skype does.


Choose the Right Location

Many of us don’t really have an office in the traditional sense anymore but work from home. So we sometimes forget about the unmade bed directly behind us, or how our dog comes barging into the room to bark and beg for attention.

In order to limit such distractions to an absolute minimum, we should choose a quiet and secluded part of the office (or our home) where we know we won’t be disturbed for the duration of the meeting. It’s also best to have a neutral background, like a plain, unadorned white or pastel wall, so our business associates will know we are all about the business.

Be Sure To Start On Time

Since the conferences can be made with participants from different time zones, always check to see when precisely they will be – adjusted to your time. Some software, like Zoom invites, takes this into consideration, but for many others, you will have to look it up for yourself. Also, it is best if you arrive at least five to ten minutes beforehand, which will give you plenty of time to go through your notes and center yourself and calm down – if it is a particularly important or stressful meeting.


Double Check Your Equipment and Signal Strength

Conduct a simple test before the actual video conference. This will give you the chance to see if everything is set up correctly, or if you will need to reschedule. Call up a colleague in the next office and pay attention to the quality of the video, whether or not your face is aligned or you need to shift or zoom the camera in or out, and if the internet signal is strong and stable enough to conduct the call. You should always test everything out, no matter how important or not the video conference is – it is a sign of professionalism and courtesy.

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