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Ukraine is ‘test site’ for N. Korean missiles -S. Korea

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On Wednesday, the United States and its allies condemned North Korean missile strikes against Ukraine. Washington called the action disgusting, while Seoul branded Ukraine as a testing ground for Pyongyang’s nuclear-capable missiles.

During a meeting of the U.N. Security Council concerning the conflict that began over two years ago when Russia invaded Ukraine, the Russian envoy claimed that the US was disseminating “inaccurate” information.

However, he refrained from categorically rejecting that Russia was utilizing North Korean weapons, a claim that would violate UN resolutions, according to U.S. allies and Deputy Ambassador to the UN Robert Wood.

“It’s abhorrent that a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council is flagrantly violating Council resolutions to attack another U.N. member state—violations that further the suffering of the Ukrainian people, support Russia’s brutal war, and undermine the global nonproliferation regime,” Wood stated.

Previously, the US and seven other countries said that Russia had obtained North Korean missiles and fired them into Ukraine in defiance of Council resolutions, taking advantage of its permanent membership in the Council and its veto power.

In a statement, permanent members of the Security Council, the United States, Britain, and France, as well as non-permanent members Malta, Slovenia, and South Korea, as well as Japan and Ukraine, declared that “a permanent Security Council member that willingly engages in these violations demonstrates a clear exploitation of its position.”

Russia, the United States, Britain, China, and France virtually ensure that the Council cannot penalize Moscow due to their veto power.

Citing previously released data, the White House announced last week that Russia has recently launched several strikes against Ukraine using short-range ballistic missiles obtained from North Korea.

Although Moscow and Pyongyang have denied carrying out any arms sales, they committed last year to strengthening their military ties.

Since it invaded Ukraine about two years ago, Russia has lately carried out some of its most severe assaults against that country.

Vasily Nebenzya, the Russian ambassador to the UN, stated that Western countries had referred to the Security Council meeting as an “anti-Russian propaganda exercise.” Still, he did not categorically deny that Moscow had sent North Korean missiles into Ukraine.

Nebenzya added, “Today, Western members of the Security Council repeated the ‘fact’ that the Russian military is using missiles from the DPRK in its special military operation in Ukraine,” denying the existence of any proof “of this ‘fact.'” Therefore, it appears that we are disseminating incorrect material without the effort of being verified first.”

The envoy of South Korea stated that Pyongyang received “valuable technical and military insights” about its armaments from Russia’s deployment of North Korean missiles.

“The DPRK uses Ukraine as the test site of its nuclear-capable missiles by exporting missiles to Russia,” South Korean Ambassador Hwang Joon-kook stated.

He said, “Some experts assess that the missiles fired into Ukraine are KN-23s, which the DPRK claims can deliver nuclear warheads,” adding that one of them traveled 460 kilometers, or the distance between a North Korean launch facility and the city of Pusan in South Korea.

“From the ROK standpoint, it amounts to a simulated attack,” he stated.

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