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Contro, a South African Startup Producing Sexual Health Products

Contro drugs- Image from facebook
Contro drugs- Image from facebook Contro drugs- Image from facebook
Contro drugs- Image from facebook
Contro drugs- Image from facebook Contro drugs- Image from facebook

Contro is a health startup that deals with the online delivery of confident sexual products. The user submits their symptoms on the platform, the online algorithms detect and prescribe some health products. Among the confidential things are erectile disinfection treatment and birth control.

When did the company start running?

The company started running in May 2021, just after the country opened part of the economy. Before, South Arica had experienced a strong wave of pandemics. They were under lockdown for almost 6 months before the Covid-19 vaccine came in. At the time, the CEOs were working on building Contro infrastructure.

The user feels free even to book a live consultant who might serve in webinar meetings. For example, a digital consultation will cost only $10. The off-digital consultation is said to predict the best prescription an individual must have.

What are the advantages of Contro?

While in an online consultation room, the patient gets accessed fully. The result will depend on the number of questions answered. If there is a misunderstanding between the app algorithm and the patient, that’s when a real doctor comes in. Then, the site plans on the medication to be delivered to the client freely. If it’s a long-term disease, a schedule is made. The platform will ensure you receive medication monthly. The company has automatic refills on a long-term prescription; if a person feels ok, they can cancel the deal. The board admitted that Contro saves up to $28 for every monthly cycle, the report by disrupting Africa.


Alex Schmid founded the medical startup. He was also the co-founder of Ross Melan and David Saunders in early 2020 during the pandemic. The Contro idea came up after discovering a gap in the market through his long-term ex-partner.

Through an interview with Disrupt Africa, the CEO had a lot to say. “Contro is a facilitator and provides a convenient, affordable, and discreet service for individuals. People can obtain their sexual health medication without the stigma.” He congratulated his ex-partner for giving him hope and opening his inner ideas.

What gave birth to Contro?

Alex continued that her ex would complain daily about the hard process of acquiring contraceptive pills. At some point, the process was awkward and tiresome. There was no confidentiality in such matters. Alex would advise her to order online, where the market doesn’t exist. So she would go mad by putting off all the lights in the house. There was no best method other than visiting the GP after 3 -6 months.

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The repeat prescription was very boring. Using similar birth control for more than 6 months is boring. It’s costly to visit the GP occasionally to renew it. The doctors will never lower their charging fee even if you are a frequent customer. The charges range between ZAR400 – ZAR 600.  After prescription, you get directed to visit a pharmacist to buy some expensive medication. Factors such as cost of purchase, cost of travel, and time are wasted during the process.

It was such issues that drove the couples to start Contro. They started by selling birth control before jumping in to help men with erectile disinfection.  The CEO proceeded, “We found men are more likely not to seek treatment because of embarrassment and prejudice surrounding ED. They would rather not attend a pharmacy to collect their medication because of the stigma surrounding it.”

What is the company’s product?

Alex decided to expand online services within sexual healthcare products.  They are working to include issues such as hair loss for both prescribed and non-prescribed individuals. In addition, they will offer products like sanitary pads, pregnancy tests, testing kits, tampons, and condoms.

The Contro platform has created a page for specific confidential products. However, the company has specialized ED treatment and birth control. Within a few months, Contro had hundreds of permanent users. The CEO has promised to expand its roots to the international levels. They are cementing the online market in South Africa. They aim at re-locating their branches in Nigeria, Botswana, and Kenya.

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