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Most Promising Startup in Africa ,2021-2030

startup-Image from pixabay by Tumisu
startup-Image from pixabay by Tumisu startup-Image from pixabay by Tumisu
startup-Image from pixabay by Tumisu
startup-Image from pixabay by Tumisu startup-Image from pixabay by Tumisu

The number of startups in Africa keeps rising. In 2018, African had 150 promising startups, which rose to 234 in 2019. The four most growing countries are Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, and South Africa. 

According to Partech Africa, the continent could make 2.02 billion from e-commerce, Fintech, and InsurTech companies. Here we discuss the most promising companies to watch in the decade 2021- 2030.

Paga: Nigeria

Co-founders: Jay Alabraba, Tayo Ovioso

The Nigerian payment platform app has more than 14 million users. It allows easy transfer of money, payment of bills, and purchases. The company has expanded its root to Ethiopia, where they absorbed Apposit into their business. In addition, Paga has managed to open other offices in Mexico, launching their service in European nations. They had the ambition to become the leading Fintech from Africa.

Brimore: Egypt

Co-founders: Mohammed Abdulaziz, Ahmed Sheikh.

The company started in 2017. Its main function is to link small and medium-sized businesses, transporting their products safely. The distributor can channel various ways in which the manufacturer might choose. Clients acquire the product at an affordable fee, with no inclusion of transport charges. 

The company’s CEO said the startup would become the biggest medium linking consumers and manufacturers. It has managed to raise $3.5 million from 2020 to support its infrastructure.


Jump: South Africa

Co-founders: Andrew Watkins Bill

Widely known to facilitate Fintech business. The South African promising startup has managed to get its way into mobile telephony. It’s targeting to utilize 80% of Africans having mobile phones but lack bank accounts. It offers services like financial products, insurance, and loans.

Jump plays a major role in helping small businesses that cannot get loans from bank accounts. The company raised $55 million to expand its roots. Proparco is one of the Fintech industries that has been at the forefront of helping Jumo. 

The company refers to itself as a different player in the market. Google and Mastercard have gotten their way into Juma, helping to expand the technology employed.


Zafree Papers: Ethiopia

Co-founders: Bethelhem Dejene, Fijre Dejene

The startup sells papers made from barley and wheat, which prevents air pollution. They are trying to avoid the usage of trees to work on climate change. The company has commenced its journey to campaign against deforestation. The 100% tree-free papers are selling in great amounts. Free is one of the top promising startups in Africa. Many tech companies are working towards better ways to protect the environment.

Baobab Circle: Kenya

Co-founders: Precious Lunga, George Franklin

The startup built Afya Pap, a health chatbot acting like a health life coach. The Healthcare industry in Africa is still a problem due to unlimited resources. 

The Afya Pap can help people with diabetes and high blood pressure copes with their daily activities. It uses mobile technology with artificial intelligence to manage the body’s condition. The App has almost 50,000 users in Kenya and other African countries. 

In 2019, the Baobab Circle won the Sanofi Diabetes Challenge in Africa. As a result, the pharmaceutical group has decided to work with the company to develop more tech bots. In addition, the company has 6 collaborators in health organizations and insurance.

Yobante Express: Senegal

Co-founder: Oumar Basse

It’s an e-commerce market in Senegal that links the pick-up points for retailers, sellers with large networks. It delivers parcels under 25Kg. Everything gets done in the mobile App. It covers various countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, and South Africa. 

Their services are quick and affordable. Compared to other parcels, Yobante Express helps users save more than 40%. The company has managed to earn a total of $50000 within a single month. In addition, the Yobante has made 8000 deliveries with its 614 pick-up stations.

The amount of money earned in a month shows how Yobante is a promising startup heading towards a billion-dollar company.

Keitas Systems:

Co-founders: Lahou Keita

This is a top startup founded by a female entrepreneur from Guinea. From working with an aeronautical maintenance company, she identified a gap in technical workers. So she came up with the idea of creating an aeronautics hub and Tempeus, a tracking maintenance software. 

The system is now used even with international aeronautics staff across the world. Furthermore, the Quebec government allowed the CEO to build an aeronautics hub in their city. Such tributes can predict how Keita System is much promising startup in the coming future.

African countries are introducing technology in most of their projects. However, there are more promising startups that are still coming up. 


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