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Google’s Driverless Car Almost Ready to Hit the Road


The future is almost upon us, as one of the most innovative steps toward transportation has almost accomplished completion.

Last May, Google announced the early phases of a new car that would have the ability to drive itself. While the original designs back in May were just the early prototypes the car that they just announced this month is almost ready to hit the road.

While Google had missed the deadline to submit for a new form of transportation in 2015, the car will be ready for the following year because the DMV wants to ensure all safety concerns have been taken care of. The technology is so new that they want to make sure everything is tested thoroughly.

California is said to be the first state that will start adopting this new form of vehicle, and so far the only states to have passed the bill for driverless cars are; California, Nevada, Florida, and Washington D.C.

Google’s new smart car, which will live up to that name, will hopefully resolve many dangerous perils of the road. It will be able to comprehend potential hazards, traffic risks, it will be free of distractions, it cannot drink and drive, and it will hopefully follow speed limits. While these all seem great in theory, the reason they want to ensure the technology is up and ready is because they do not want passengers to be unprepared if the computer systems freeze, or go unresponsive.

Passengers will have the ability to control the car if needed, and most likely will be required to posses a driver’s license if they sit in the seat behind the wheel, but it does seem like a liability that companies will have to accept before California lets the cars hit the road for the first time.



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