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Top 20 Richest Crypto Billionaires

Satoshi Nakamoto, richest crypto billionaires
Satoshi Nakamoto, richest crypto billionaires Satoshi Nakamoto, richest crypto billionaires
Satoshi Nakamoto, richest crypto billionaires
Satoshi Nakamoto, richest crypto billionaires Satoshi Nakamoto, richest crypto billionaires

Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Bezos are the richest people in the world running their tech companies. But when we narrow it down to crypto business, we get different people. These are founders, investors, and developers who run the ecosystem of the crypto world.

However, most of these richest crypto billionaires do not disclose their real net worth. It isn’t easy to measure the real value of a person because virtual currencies cannot be predicted. We consider trading volumes, market value, and holdings in various crypto companies while making the list. The list could be missing some names because of hidden identities, feel free to comment.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Net Worth: $60 billion-estimate

Rumors from economists have said that Satoshi is the topmost investor in crypto. He was the first founder of bitcoin in 2009, but little is written about him. The final compiled list estimated him to have $1 million bitcoins. When translated to US dollars, it adds up to $60 billion. This makes Nakamoto the richest crypto billionaire.

Sam Bankman-Fried

Net worth: $18 billion

Sam is very open and frank when revealing his net worth. He owns FTX and an Alameda Research firm. The tycoon started FTX before the pandemic of 2019, which aimed to buy and sell crypto-related derivatives. The company raised around $900 from investors like Softbank and Coinbase Ventures. The total amount equaled $18 billion, making Bankman appear among the richest crypto billionaires globally.

Brian Armstrong

Net worth: $14.7 billion

Brian is the CEO of Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange company in the USA. Before joining Coinbase, he worked as a senior software engineer at Airbnb. He launched Coinbase in 20012 with his friend Fred Ehrsam. Earlier this year, he decided to take Coinbase as a public corporation. The company hit the $100 billion mark in the capital. He owns 19% of the Coinbase shares, his net worth is around $14.7 billion. This makes Armstrong the third among the richest crypto billionaires.

Chris Larsen

Net Worth: $6 billion
Chris is one of the co-founders and CEO of Ripple, a cryptocurrency payment protocol. The company controls Santander and American Express with more than 100 clients. Ripple also deals worth XRP. In 2016, he decided to offer the CEO rights to another person but still chairs some crucial meetings.

Joseph Lubin

Net Worth: $5billion
Joseph owns some of the best crypto companies with essential services. He is one of the co-founds of Ethereum, the second most popular crypto. Furthermore, he holds Consensus, a software company working with blockchain. They help developers build real applications with ease. The company is working towards building web3 tools and infrastructure for complex applications.
Before coming to crypto, Lubin was an entrepreneur running an EthSuisse company located in Switzerland. That’s where he started employing blockchain technology with the use of data to solve problems.

Changpeng Zhao

Net Worth: $5 billion
Zhao is the co-founder of a popular crypto exchange company in China. He is one of the teams that came up with He then moved on to be the CEO of OKCoin. The finance industry attracted his attention, where he diverted most of his time. The company also made Binance coin, which runs on top of Ethereum. Binance has over 6 million users across the world. Forbes named him the third richest crypto person in early 2021.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

Each Net Worth: $4.3 billion
We cannot move out of the top 10 without naming this crypto twin. Tyle and Camon Winklevoss are working on many projects, including the latest Gemini for charity purposes. According to statistics, the two make almost $200 million per day trading various crypto. While Facebook was being launched, they accused the CEO Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their social network ideas. But in the end, Zuckerberg decides to offer them $65 million to settle the matter. They took most of this money in bitcoin. The two own around 70,000 bitcoins.

Fred Ehrsam

Net Worth: $3.5 billion.

Fred is an American businessman as well as an investor. He is the founder and CEO of Paradigm, a crypto firm that allows all levels of investments. Together with Brian Armstrong, they founded Coinbase, but he is not actively involved in the daily running of the company.

Micree Zhan, richest crypto billionaire-image from facebook.jpg
Micree Zhan

Net worth:$3.2 billion

Bitmain Technologies belongs to two tycoons, Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan. He owns most of the shares, hence ranked among the richest crypto Billionaires. Immediately after launching China’s largest crypto mining company, a fight for power erupted among board members. Some of them left the company, and they were compensated.

Jed McCaleb

Net worth: $3 billion

Jed is involved in the launching of the three popular crypto companies. He received a major blow in 2010 when he created Mt.Gox, a crypto exchange firm that was later hacked. In 2012, they launched Ripple, but he decided to walk away due to disagreement with his partner. In 2014, he set up Stellar to offer competition to Ripple. Currently, he possesses almost 3.4 billion XRP, which makes him the richest crypto person.

Brad Garlinghouse

Net Worth: 3billion

Garlinghouse runs Ripple Labs, which offers XRP. He once said he could not invest his money in Dogecoin, a joke meme. According to Ripple, the tycoon owns almost 6% of the total shares.

Michael Saylor

Net worth: $2,.9 billion

Michael is an American businessman and an entrepreneur. . He owns Microstrategy, a company offering Software as a Service. While having an interview in 2020, he said he owns almost 17732 bitcoins, which are estimated to earn him $175 million when sold. During the pandemic, he transformed his company to employ blockchain technology. He bought another 70,884 bitcoins to expand the company.

Anthony Di Lorio

Net Worth: $2.2 billion

Anthony is one of the top names when you talk about Ethereum. However, he has not been an active member like the other founders. They met with Vitali Buterin while working with bitcoin. They discussed how they could make their crypto, hence giving birth to Ethereum. After making a major step and forming the company, Anthony became a member rather than a border chair. IN 2018, he was named among the top richest crypto billionaires of 2018.

Tim Draper

Net worth: $2 billion

He is the co-founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson company, which has investments in Theranos and Tesla. The company also works with cryptocurrencies. He bought them for $18.7 million when the US confiscated some bitcoin. This was from the black market. The coins currently have a value of around $1.8 billion.

Barry Silbert, richest crypto people-image from facebook.jpg
Barry Silbert

Net worth $1.9 billion
Barry owns and chairs Digital Currency Group, which owns five cryptocurrency companies. One of the top revenue generators of DCG is Grayscale which has $28 billion of ether, bitcoin, and other minor cryptos. The company has invested in other 200 crypto startups.

Jihan Wu

Net Worth: $1.8 billion

Although the Chinese are fighting the crypto market, Jihan Wu has never been afraid of running his business. He is the founder and CEO of Bateman Technologies, a Chinese mining chip company. He started running the company in 2012, and currently, he owns almost 20% of the total shares in the company.

Vitalik Buterin

Net worth: Unknown

Ethereum’s young co-founder appeared among the top 20 young upcoming billionaires by Forbes. He owns most of Ethereum’s shares. He has remained an active member and is hopeful that Ethereum will overtake bitcoin. Vitalik manages some DeFi projects built on top of Ethereum.

Matthew Roszak

Net Worth: $1.5 billion

The longtime evangelist discovered his interest in bitcoin two years after the crypto was launched. He now chairs the Bloq, which is a crypto infrastructure company. Mathew prefers investing in a young crypto startup early to win the most shares.

Also Read:

Mingxing Xu

Net Worth: $1.4 billion

Mingxing is an entrepreneur, an investor, and a businessman from China. He co-founded OKCoin and still serves as its CEO. OKCoin is a safe crypto exchange platform where one can purchase bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other samples of crypto.

He is one of the Chinese fighting with the government over the crypto business. Recently, the Chinese state stopped all transactions involving bitcoin. But Xu and others have defended their companies. The government is worried about citizens investing in volatile digital coins.

Michael Novogratz

Net Worth: $1.2 billion

Michael was one of the founders and CEO of Fortress Investment Group, where he left some years back. He joined Galaxy Investment Partners as the CEO. The company deals exclusively with Ethereum and bitcoin. He also owns shares in different cryptocurrency startups, making him appear among the richest crypto people.

These names are just among the few tycoons. The list is long, with top names like Gavin Andresen, Roder Ver, Valery Vavilov etc. Many people are still investing most of their profiles in cryptocurrency. Just like the internet, crypto is here to stay.

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